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Ichimoku Piramid Machine v4.1

This software is designed for the Metatrader 4 terminal. The license is lifetime (unlimited) on the name of the MT4 account’s owner. There is no limit to the numbers of accounts, brokers and computers. Expert Advisor was designed for traders who use Ichimoku strategy in their own trade.

The general principle of this software’s work is to add more positions in a situation where the positions previously opened are already in plus. In such a situation, the “machine” based on initial parameters, will automatically open the next positions in such a way that the total risk – in case of failure – will be the loss of previously earned profit only. In other words in the worst scenario it’s possible to get behind the whole operation at “0”.

Note: The most effective results of the program can be obtained by joining the ongoing profitable operation. So that EA has the conditions (earned profit) to take action.

The main elements of the program interface:

Button „CLOSE SYMBOL” – closes all positions of the current Symbol,

Button „BUY” – opens the Long positions,

Button „SELL” – opens Short positions,

Button „PIRAMID OFF/ON” – activates the pyramid process,

Button „MOVE SL” – allows you to set SLs for all the positions anywhere on the chart,

– an editable window allows setting TPs for all the positions anywhere on the chart.

Blue crayon – New BE Level – setting common SLs from the chart level,

Red crayon –  SL/TP set – SL setting for the first position to be opened.

Note: It is not required that the first position will be opened with the help of this EA.













Auto_size_position – automatic calculation of the size of the first position, assuming that the SL position was determined using the SL / TP set,

Risk_perc – the value of the assumed risk for the first position,

First_lot – the size of the first position, assuming that Auto_size_position = false,

Suffix – e.g. “+”, “arm” added at the end of instrument names (optional).

Kijun, Tenkan, Senkou – values ​​of the Ichimoku indicator parameters,

V_BE_Ichimoku_level – selection of Ichimoku indicator lines (Kijun or Tenkan) according to which SLs will be running,

V_BE_odr_distance – the minimum distance between consecutive exact positions (in points),

V_BE_tf – the ability to set the Ichimoku indicator TF – other than the current TF chart,


if = true, then running SLs will be more aggressive (closer to the current price). This allows better use of the current profit in order to open larger positions. Unfortunately the risk of “collapsing” the pyramid is greater – SLs are closer to the market price.


Below is a film presenting the operation of the program:


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